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Gamedev updates: Neuronic editors

So I randomly stumbled upon this post on Jeff Atwood’s blog: Quantity Always Trumps Quality. I’ll spare you my thoughts about how I think it’s a very good advice but, unlike many of the commenters, you shouldn’t take it literally – I think Jeff didn’t mean it literally. I’d like to live in a world where I can make quantity of posts, say every week, and learn quality that way! If I didn’t know myself that well I’d make a promise here and now. But I promise – no promises!

Damn fine cup of advice (Twin Peaks)

“Cooper, you remind me today of a small Mexican chihuahua.”

Let me tell you the progress I made over the last week on my projects. And by progress I mean… An actual prgress!

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Galaxus (re)released

Galaxus – a tiny space shooter is now back to the site! It’s a simple but fun game (Hey, I am legally* obliged to praise my own games). The game is available here!

The source code and the artwork will be available soon!

*Uses an alternative definition of legally, the one which has nothing to do with law.

Slimower (re)released + opensource

It has happened a few days ago but! Slimower is out! A minimalist sidescroller shooter from the vast history of Retrocade is up.

In all honesty – Slimower is a simple game, great to kill 10-20 minutes of your day in a fun way. I’ve also simultaneously released the artwork and the source code for the game.

Happy new year everyone!

It’s 20:12 right now (at least according to my computer’s clock) and I’ll probably won’t be accessing the computer again today so…

… for once I want to wish you all who come here a great new year! See you soon with more opensourced games and updates on the projects.