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In 2016 I have decided to release, for free, as much of the code and artwork from the old projects as I can.

Below is a repository of the projects along with handy filter options. Unless stated otherwise all the art is released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International and code under MIT. Specific licenses are available in the downloaded zip files and repositories. They're also available on each

And if you want to give back to us, please take a peek at the page How to support



Match-3 puzzler with cutsy art

Rock Rush

A top-down boulder dash clone, 12x12 pixelart. Couple tiles, enemies, bonuses, one explosion, UI.


3D prerendered top-down shmup sprites


Sidescroller arcade pixelart game, with tiles and sprites


Pixelart platformer shooter, tiles and sprites mostly


A wave-based minimalist space shooter