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Trans Neuronica

A lone AI booted in a collapsed cave with nothing to keep it company but a damaged computer. As it fixes the machine it also learns what happened to humanity… or does it?

Trans Neuronica is a logical game of making connections. Editor, 60 main and 100+ bonus levels, tense bosses and huge amount of meta-puzzles included.

In development

Monstro: Battle Tactics

Deterministic logical tactic game with tongue-in-cheek plot.

Steam DRM Free Download to play

King Dugan’s Dungeon Lite

A logical adventure of a delver clearing up dungeons of monsters

Free Play in browser


Make uncrossable connections in a logical way

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Rock Rush

A Boulder Dash clone with smooth gameplay and mechanics based on the classic Emerald Mine.

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A tetrisque match-3 action puzzler

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A tiny wave-based space shooter

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A minimalist twin-stick platformer shooter

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Bounce and change colors in this arcade gam

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A fast paced and bullet-hellish wave shooter with 13 types of enemies.

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Przygody WesoĊ‚ego Ludzika

A platformer from circa 2003, one of the first games ever made by Maurycy, the founder of

Free Download to play Really old