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Post-processing shaders in Monogame

While working on Trans Neuronica I realized I don’t want to work on some things relating to the gameplay right now, so I figured “Hey Maurycy, it’s time to do all the cool shader effects you want to have in the final game.” I don’t really want to do that either, but I already wasted some time on research, so why not finish it and talk it over?

Two important things first:

  1. This is not a typical tutorial that takes you step-by-step explaining in-depth everything I do. I’m going to dump a lot of knowledge without much explanation but I think overall the steps are pretty simple.
  2. I use RetrocadeRenderBatch which is my own extension to SpriteBatch so the functions may not map 1:1. And there is some other code that you should understand how it works but won’t be able to find it in MonoGame.

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