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Post-processing shaders in Monogame

While working on Trans Neuronica I realized I don’t want to work on some things relating to the gameplay right now, so I figured “Hey Maurycy, it’s time to do all the cool shader effects you want to have in the final game.” I don’t really want to do that either, but I already wasted some time on research, so why not finish it and talk it over?

Two important things first:

  1. This is not a typical tutorial that takes you step-by-step explaining in-depth everything I do. I’m going to dump a lot of knowledge without much explanation but I think overall the steps are pretty simple.
  2. I use RetrocadeRenderBatch which is my own extension to SpriteBatch so the functions may not map 1:1. And there is some other code that you should understand how it works but won’t be able to find it in MonoGame.

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Galaxus source code & assets + Comments

A quick update to tell you that Galaxus‘s source code has been released.

You can get it on GitHub. You can get the art assets on our own Open Source section. Or on Open Game Art. I am throwing it all around, everywhere, wherever I can and want. It’s pretty fun to give back even though it’s probably not used by too many people~!

Oh and also, you can now comment on – one more way for me to spend time doing boring maintenance work rather than productive, creative stuff.