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Galaxus (re)released

Galaxus – a tiny space shooter is now back to the site! It’s a simple but fun game (Hey, I am legally* obliged to praise my own games). The game is available here!

The source code and the artwork will be available soon!

*Uses an alternative definition of legally, the one which has nothing to do with law.

Slimower (re)released + opensource

It has happened a few days ago but! Slimower is out! A minimalist sidescroller shooter from the vast history of Retrocade is up.

In all honesty – Slimower is a simple game, great to kill 10-20 minutes of your day in a fun way. I’ve also simultaneously released the artwork and the source code for the game.

Kulkis (re)released

Today is marked by the release of another one of our old games, Kulkis. it’s a sidescroller arcade game where you control a lone Kulkis bouncing up and down, changing colors and destroying blocks. Quite a lot of fun if you ask me! You can play the two available levelsets here.

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Rock Rush is now available on Retrocade

Rock RushOver the course of history of gaming many great ideas were created and since forgotten. One of those is Boulder Dash, a game about collecting crystals while avoiding falling things and lurking monsters. And while things can fall both the protagonist and the monsters can move in four directions, unaffected by gravity.

And why am I telling you all this? Because I’ve just made Rock Rush available on Retrocade. And Rock Rush is a straight-up Boulder Dash clone, so now I don’t have to explain what it is about!

There are 5 levelsets available, two are custom-made, three are straight out of the original, C64 version of Boulder Dash.

What more, soon I’ll release the source code of the game. And the art assets! Stay tuned!