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A Short Tale of “Retrocade Framework”


Let’s talk a little about a couple of methodologies I use to structure the code of my games. My intention was to tell you more about the framework I made over the years but, really, it’s more of a collection of modules and classes than a fully-fledged framework for good reasons (not to mention it’s made in AS3 and we’re in the world of C# right now). Instead I’ll explain some concepts, modules and ideas that I am copying over to C# while working on Trans Neuronica.

Also a foreword of warning – this post is mostly text, if you are here just for TN progress scroll to the very bottom for animated gifs!

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Setting Up Trans Neuronica in MonoGame


Welcome to the first post in the series detailing my rewrite of Trans Neuronica, a logical game about connections, a lone AI and discovering the past and the future of humanity.

Originally written in ActionScript for Adobe AIR captive runtime, this series of blog posts will explain the process of building up the game ground-up in C# + MonoGame. Moreover I’ll try to also muse a bit about design choices, both code architecture and game design. All of this will feature a minimal amount of spoilers. Let’s start!

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wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb1For the past few years homepage was built on top of Yii Framework, a brilliant PHP framework that makes rapid prototyping and development of both CRUD websites and REST APIs really fast and easy (and if it sounds like an advertisement for you it’s because I’ve used it extensively in the past to build ground up a total of at least 5 different websites).

The older version of Retrocade was built on top of some microframework that I not only no longer remember the name I also no longer have the code for that website.

But the time has come to move to the future. From time to time I fiddled with the code of the site trying to add new features hoping that I can create my own, personal blogging platform that will be quick and easy to use – quick and easy enough that I won’t be able to use it as an excuse for not doing the real work.

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Debriefing after Pixel Heaven 2016


After over 4 hours of driving my car across half of Poland I figured out if I am ever to write something about Pixel Heaven I need to do it now. I’ll make it short (I hope!)

Just so you know we haven’t showcased anything this year. Hopefully things will be different in 2017!

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Unit voices added in 1.0.4 and week-long discount starting Monday

Monstro: Battle Tactics was just updated to 1.0.4 and among other things, thanks to a collaboration with Seespace Labs units in Monstro now have voices (which you can conveniently disable if you find them not to your liking. The full changelog:

  • Unit voices added
  • “Wait for tap” is now by default disabled
  • “Wait for tap” should now react to all keys and mouse inputs
  • Pause menu can now be opened at all times
  • You can press “Q” from the victory/failure screen to quickly undo your last move without having to engage mouse
  • You can now press any key to skip/accelerate the victory/failure screen animation

In other important news starting Monday we’re running a week-long discount, so share the news with your friends!