Monstro stack: then and now

Most of the classes from Monstro source code When I first started writing Monstro I had a very clean vision of how the underlying codebase is going to look like. Written in AS3, built on top of Starling and my own framework dubbed Retrocamel. And there is a lot of code there. What you can see to the left is 233 .as files and it does not include Starling and Retrocamel. All of the source files of the project total to about 1.5k!

Now the new, HTML5 Monstro is a different beast. I did a short research before I started working on it and I've decided on the following technologies:

  • Typescript - My first major decision was to write the game in Typescript for three main reasons. One: I love compilation-time type checking. Two: AS3 supports typed variables and that makes the porting easier. Three: At least for me, typed variables seriously speed up development time and at least in IntelliJ typescript has superior intellisense.
  • Phaser - This game development framework built on top of PIXI perfectly works with the old code and is non-intrusive enough to not hinder my coding practices at all. I really like the Plugins functionality and I am certainly going to release parts of the source code as modules for others to use. I've been doing some augments to the code on my own and I am seriously thinking about forking the projects and spewing pull requests.
  • NW (node-webkit) - As I want to make my game work on as many systems as it is possible I've decided to go with NW. I've got some experience in node under my belt and I think it will work flawlessly for the desktop versions of the game and I am still investigating other venues for mobile devices. Suffice to say the game is going to work in all major browsers on all platforms supporting WEBGL.
  • Grunt - Seriously, I've worked with Ant, Groovy and Grunt so far and Grunt trumps all of the others. Trumps them so hard it hurts, even though I feel the initial learning curve was kinda spiky for me because I had a problem grasping the basics of how Grunt works, it just wouldn't click.

Above that I am using a good number of Grunt plugins. I am going to talk about all of it in more detail in the future posts.

Also a side note - I've realized file downloads and SWFs are currently not working. I am planning to resolve this issue in the next few days.

Monstro: Battle Tactics Game Development

Monstro has been Greenlit

What can I say. Monstro has been greenlit!

It's a big news which is going to bring big changes to the game. What exactly it means? Stay tuned, for tomorrow will mark the start of my development blogging!

Monstro: Battle Tactics Game Development

Bad news and Good news

Hello folks and sorry for the silence. Real life caught up with me and I have found myself with little time and less energy to work on any of my personal projects.

With that being said, I have a sad announcement - Kage Jittai is going on a permanent hiatus. There are many reasons, but the most important one is that at this stage this project requires (and I need the support of) an experience graphic artist, whose services I cannot afford. At some point in the future I might get back to this projects, but until now it is semi-abandoned. It was a great learning experience to get to know Unity though, so worry not, this will flourish.

The good news is I've once again started works on KDDL5! You can watch the development livestream from today on my private channel at Youtube.

Expect another update in a few days!

Game Development Kage Jittai Livestream DROD Flash DROD

Livestream development schedule

Just a quick information that livestream development schedule of Kage Jittai has been decided:

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:
  • 21:00 (GMT+1)
  • 14:00 (CST -7)
  • More timezones

You can watch the livestream on Twitch.

Edit: Today's livestream is now available on Youtube.

Kage Jittai Game Development Twitch Livestream

Preliminary work on HUD

Kage Jittai HUD

I've started fiddling around a little bit with the HUD for Kage Jittai and decided for the hex theme. The edge of the HUD is wavy because I wanted to employ a hexagon texture in the background with some kind of futuristic feel but since I am programmer first I was unable to do it in a way that would be good looking, so I went for the simple black with a soft gradient.

All of the elements there are kinda important to the game, but at this point I am not 100% sure if there will not be anything else added at a later date.

Kage Jittai Game Development