Unit voices added in 1.0.4 and week-long discount starting Monday

Monstro: Battle Tactics was just updated to 1.0.4 and among other things, thanks to a collaboration with Seespace Labs units in Monstro now have voices (which you can conveniently disable if you find them not to your liking. The full changelog:

  • Unit voices added
  • "Wait for tap" is now by default disabled
  • "Wait for tap" should now react to all keys and mouse inputs
  • Pause menu can now be opened at all times
  • You can press "Q" from the victory/failure screen to quickly undo your last move without having to engage mouse
  • You can now press any key to skip/accelerate the victory/failure screen animation

In other important news starting Monday we're running a week-long discount, so share the news with your friends!

Monstro: Battle Tactics Game Development Discount

A sneak-peek at our next game, Submuncher

Submuncher Game Development

Conquered Steam, conquered Indie Game Stand & 10% discount

Monstro is now also available on [https://indiegamestand.com/store/2345/monstro-battle-tactics/](Indie Game Stand). It's still available on store.steampowered.com/app/369310 too!

The IGS version contains both the DRM-free installer and a steam key and includes the high quality soundtrack.

The 10% discount lasts until 10th of December so don't wait around. We're not planning anymore sales this year, so fi you were waiting to gift this game to your wife/girlfriend/mother/friend/boyfriend/anyone else it's the best time now!

Monstro: Battle Tactics Steam Indie Game Stand Discount

Monstro release date on Steam!

Just a quick update - Monstro: Battle Tactics will be released on Steam on December 3rd, 2015!

Monstro: Battle Tactics Game Development

The truth about Monstro

Now that I have your attention with a scary-sounding header I'd just like to tell you that the plans which we had for converting Monstro to HTML5 have died and the game will be released using Adobe AIR captive runtime (thanks to the brilliant FRESteamWorks ane which works like a charm).

There will be a lot (and by a lot I mean some) new and cool features like dynamic lighting, challenges per level, new short campaign (a hopefully smart tutorial campaign with a more than dozen of new level). I had some very ambitious plans about adding new units. traps, abilities and environments but they're scrapped. If the game proves to be popular I'll gladly expand the idea of Monstro with new cool features.

Monstro is planned to be released this summer!

Also we already know what our next project will be and in the following weeks more information will be available.

Stay Tuned!


Monstro: Battle Tactics Game Development