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Galaxus source code & assets + Comments

A quick update to tell you that Galaxus‘s source code has been released.

You can get it on GitHub. You can get the art assets on our own Open Source section. Or on Open Game Art. I am throwing it all around, everywhere, wherever I can and want. It’s pretty fun to give back even though it’s probably not used by too many people~!

Oh and also, you can now comment on – one more way for me to spend time doing boring maintenance work rather than productive, creative stuff.

Gamedev updates: Neuronic editors

So I randomly stumbled upon this post on Jeff Atwood’s blog: Quantity Always Trumps Quality. I’ll spare you my thoughts about how I think it’s a very good advice but, unlike many of the commenters, you shouldn’t take it literally – I think Jeff didn’t mean it literally. I’d like to live in a world where I can make quantity of posts, say every week, and learn quality that way! If I didn’t know myself that well I’d make a promise here and now. But I promise – no promises!

Damn fine cup of advice (Twin Peaks)

“Cooper, you remind me today of a small Mexican chihuahua.”

Let me tell you the progress I made over the last week on my projects. And by progress I mean… An actual prgress!

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Galaxus (re)released

Galaxus – a tiny space shooter is now back to the site! It’s a simple but fun game (Hey, I am legally* obliged to praise my own games). The game is available here!

The source code and the artwork will be available soon!

*Uses an alternative definition of legally, the one which has nothing to do with law.